Gregory Conn began his maritime career as a deckhand in 1982. As he gained experience, he advanced to the engine room he worked as an engineer. He ultimately obtained his Master's license and became a well respected Captain. He aspired to form his own tug company and in 1995, he and an associate start a company with the purchase of the tug Cheyenne.

In 2001, Mr. Conn decided to take a chance and branch out on his own. He purchased his first tug, the Carolina, and thus Intracoastal Marine, Inc was born. Our well recognized colors of white and gold were adopted in 2002. In 2004, he purchased his second boat, the Evelyn Doris. He continued to grow a fleet of tugs in varying in sizes and capabilities to meet the needs of ICM's customers.

Nearly 20 years later, you can find our fleet proudly displaying the white and gold colors running from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. 


Intracoastal Marine, Inc.  operates in the Port of Hampton Roads. Our office with tug operations and barge offloading is located at Scuffletown Creek on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, VA. This location is over 6 acres with over 400 feet of bulkhead for dry bulk material handling. 

You're welcome to view our history and capabilities in this short informational video below.


Intracoastal Marine, Inc. has grown to become a well-respected mainstay in the Port of Hampton Roads.  The Company's foundation is built around our desire to provide the highest quality marine towing service available on the East Coast.  We are able to achieve this through our commitment to our personnel, equipment, and the safety of the environment.  

As a Company, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exemplary and dependable quality service.  Intracoastal Marine, Inc. was founded on a strong set of principles regarding integrity, a willingness to work and honesty.  Based on these ideologies, we are able to maintain a pro-active partnership with our customers, which in turn provides us with the knowledge and understanding necessary to meet their needs.