Tugs & Pushboats


Our TUGS & Pushboats are Ready to Serve

At Intracoastal Marine, we are proud to offer a strong fleet of tugs and pushboats from 800 to 2,000HP. In Port Hampton Roads, just look for our hard-working vessels in white and gold.


Official Number: 635043


HP: 1400 (Kort Nozzeled)
Length/Width/Draft: 69.5'/24.5'/8.5'
Height of Eye: 24'
Air Draft: 42'
Main Engines: Cummins KTA-19
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc 7:1

Coastal Trader

Official Number: 1208724


HP: 1280
Length/Width/Draft: 72'/28'/7.3'
Height of Eye: 23'6"
Air Draft: 39'
Main Engines: Cummins KTA-19
Reduction Gears: TECO 6:1
Certificate of Inspection


Official Number: 651977


HP: 2000
Length/Width/Draft: 77.4'/26'/11.5'
Height of Eye: LWH 24' UWH 38'
Air Draft: Mast Up 58'/Mast Down 50'
Main Engines: Cummins KTA-38
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc MG 540
Certificate of Inspection

DMO Listo

Official Number: 600327


HP: 1400
Length/Width/Draft: 65'/24'/8.5'
Height of Eye: LWH 21'/UWH 35'
Air Draft: Mast Up 47'/Mast Down 35'
Main Engines: Cummins QSK-19
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc 516 6:1
Certificate of Inspection


Official Number: 290076


HP: 2000
Length/Width/Draft: 83.7'/28.1'/8'
Height of Eye: 30'
Air Draft: 48'
Main Engines: 398 Caterpillar
Reduction Gears: Lufkin


Official Number: 637055


HP: 800
Length/Width/Draft: 63'/24'/8.7'
Height of Eye: LWH 18'/UWH 33'
Air Draft: 45'
Main Engines: Detroit Diesel 12V71
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc 514 
Certificate of Inspection


Official Number: 510611


HP: 1100
Length/Width/Draft: 61.5'/22'/9.1'
Height of Eye: 18'
Air Draft: 35'
Main Engines: Caterpillar 3408
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc 7.5:1
MTSA Compliant


Official Number: 512840


HP: 1800
Length/Width/Draft: 68.9'/23.8'/9.5'
Height of Eye: 25'
Air Draft: 48'
Main Engines: Caterpillar 398
Reduction Gears: Caterpillar 
Certificate of Inspection


Official Number: 1205468


HP: 1280
Length/Width/Draft: 72'/28'/7.5'
Height of Eye: LWH 21'/UWH 31'
Air Draft: Mast Up 44'/Mast Down 39'
Main Engines: Cummins KTA-19
Reduction Gears: TECO 6:1 
Certificate of Inspection

Southern Star

Official Number: 506327


HP: 1940
Length/Width/Draft: 78.7'/24'/9.5'
Height of Eye: LWH 19'/UWH 31'
Air Draft: Mast Up 44'/Mast Down 32.5'
Main Engines: Mitsubishi V12
Reduction Gears: Twin Disc 5 6:1 
Certificate of Inspection